Specialist Services

The Zeiss Scans

We have two Zeiss Diagnostic Instruments that are invaluable in advanced eye examination and referral for medical opinions where necessary. They have reduced our need for specialist opinions in many cases.

Zeiss have now installed an additional imaging programme whereby we can monitor progressive changes over time.

Zeiss Fundus Camera with Macula Pigment Density Scan

The only Retinal camera which can photograph the retina for problems such as age related macula degeneration (ARMD) and additionally determine the density of the pigment in the macula, which is an early indicator of ARMD.

We can then if the pigment is low give dietary advice and supplement advice.

The Zeiss Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT)

A big name for a very complex instrument. Previously we could only look at the superficial layer of the Retina. With the OCT we can look at all SEVEN hidden layers of the Retina in great detail, it is particularly important in Glaucoma and Macula Degeneration diagnosis. Anyone who has a family relative with Glaucoma, is diabetic and has any family eye disease would benefit from this instrument. Diagnosed glaucoma patients may have this as further monitoring in conjunction with the eye hospital. On average it detects retinal problems nine years before they show as visual field defects. The procedure is simple and painless. Such additional tests are only performed with your consent since their costs are additional to that of the Eye Examination and are not met by the NHS.

Professional Fees

At C.E.Hall Optometrists an Eye Examination is £48. You may wish to have an extended eye examination which includes the OCT scan for £85, or an examination including the Macula Pigment Density Scan for £69.50.

The most important thing is having the correct eye examination that suits your needs. Our skilled optometrists can advise on the day of the examination if any of these extra scans are needed if you are unsure.

Contact lens fees start from just £45 and you can also have a contact lens care plan personalised to suit you.

Laser Surgery evaluation re pachymetry image.

The cost of laser surgery evaluation is £80, if you are suitable we work very closely with Optegra Surrey Eye Hospital in Guildford whose skilled surgeons will perform the surgery.