Examination Fees

Our principal aim is to give each and every patient the highest available standard of eye care. To this end in recent years we have invested over £100,000 in equipment for diagnosing eye conditions ideally before any problems are encountered.

We now have in our consulting rooms a Ocular Coherence Tomographer, Pentacam, Fundus Camera and field screener, not all of which are applicable to everyone.

To allow time for using such equipment we have lengthened the standard appointment time to 40 minutes and instituted an additional charge for NHS patients of £48.00.

A standard NHS eye examination is still available taking 30 minutes but this does not include any of the above scans. Unlike Scotland and Wales where additional tests are covered by the NHS, the NHS payment no longer fully covers the professional care in England.

CChildren and full time students to the age of 19 are exempted from charges. Our fees as of 1st April 2022 are:-

  • Private Sight test fee £48.00
  • Private sight test fee for student aged 19 and above £39.00
  • NHS sight test (inclusive of applicable scans) £48.00
  • Standard NHS sight test No Charge
  • Sight test and contact lens check £85.00
  • Contact lens fitting £65.00
  • Dry eye examination £30.00

Our staff are trained and pleased to answer any questions on the sight test and eye examinations