Dispensing Services

Made to measure spectacles with Rodenstock’s ImpressionIST® 3

Here at C.E.Halls in Farnham we are proud to say we take dispensing spectacles very seriously which is why we have the latest in dispensing technology to ensure your spectacles give you clear vision from the moment you collect them.

The Rodenstock ImpressionIST® 3 mirror will help you achieve perfect vision with made to measure lenses, simple frame selection and easy to understand lens consulting with no confusing jargon!

The mirror allows us to show you up to four images on screen, a great advantage for patients with slightly stronger prescriptions so selecting the right frame is easy. It also allows us to show you what different colour tints will look like in your chosen frame so there are no unexpected surprises. We want you to be 100% happy with your chosen frame so we can even print out the images so you can take them home and have a think before you decide.

Lens performance is incredibly important which is why we use our up to date lens consulting programs to show you comparisons between thickness, weight and vision performance allowing you to make an informed choice without any confusion.

Once the frame and lenses are selected we take two images of you with your chosen frame on from different angles producing a 3D eye measurement. Our dispensing opticians then record the parameters which are then sent straight to the lens manufacturer guaranteeing sharp, comfortable vision.

The best part of this service is that it is all part of the £45.00 eye examination and if you already have a prescription it is completely free.

All of our Dispensing Opticians have been fully trained by Rodenstock to use this equipment which ensures complete accuracy when measuring for lenses.

If you would like any more information, or to book in for a consultation please call us on 01252 713785.