Our Brands

At C.E.Hall Optometrists we don't believe that designer is always better which is why we look carefully at the design and build of each frame before we order them to ensure our patients get the quality they deserve at a fair price.

Our frame selection changes with the seasons so we're always guaranteed to have something new each time you come to see us. Please see the brands we stock below.

Hoya Glasses
Adidas Glasses
Basebox Glasses
Bobbi Brown Glasses
Bolle Glasses
Cocoa Mint Glasses
EyeCare Glasses
Jenson Glasses
Alium Glasses
Bocca Glasses
FaceaFace Glasses
Faconnable Glasses
Vinyl Factory Glasses
Louis Marcel Glasses
Marc Jacobs Glasses
Neubau Glasses
Porshe Design Glasses
Paul and Joe Glasses
Pllogo Glasses
Rock Star Glasses
Rodenstock Glasses
Vanni Glasses
William Morris Glasses
William Morris London Glasses
Zips Glasses