Introducing the Rodenstock Road

Posted on Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A few facts to start off with!

-An estimated 2,900 road accident casualties are caused by poor vision per year.

-60% of motorists feel affected by poor vision when driving.

-73% of drivers said they experience visual discomfort from glare of headlights.

-Over 50% of motorists struggle with driving at night.

-1 in 6 road collisions are a direct cause of substandard eyesight.*

Rodenstock have come up with a solution! A lens specifically designed for optimal vision when driving but can also be used as an everyday lens.

Rodenstock road lenses are available in single vision form or as a varifocal, here are a couple of things you need to know about the lens:-

-Field of vision is not restricted, perfect for quickly glancing at the side mirrors!

-The Solitaire Protect Road coating uses a special filter along with a premium antiglare coating to minimise glare from annoying headlights.

-Rodenstock uses various calculations when producing the lens to give sharper, higher contrast vision at dusk and night.

-Conventional lenses can sometimes disrupt depth perception due to the uneven fields of vision, affecting spatial awareness. The Rodenstock Road has solved that problem to!

As a practice we have found the most common causes of complaints when driving is the glare from more modern car headlights, but what is glare? Glare is caused by too much light entering the eye and scattering all over the retina, this causes irritation and disruption to the vision. This tends to be experienced more as the eye naturally ages but can also be experienced by the younger generation due to slightly larger pupils or a more sensitive retina. The Solitaire Road coating has a special filter which significantly reduces reflections and glare compared to conventional lenses.

Another common complaint with varifocal wearers is not being able to glance to car side mirrors due to the reduced field of vision. Single vision wearers with higher prescriptions may also experience this due to distortion towards the outer edges of their lenses. Again the Rodenstock Road is ideal for these types of spectacle wearer as it greatly increases the field of view and decreases lens distortion.

All of our Dispensing Opticians have an up to date knowledge of the Rodenstock Road lenses so call us or pop in to book a consultation.

*Statistics are provided by RSA Insurance Group plc 2012,, DA Direkt Statista 2015 and Eyecare Trust 2016.

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